Our distribution

Our distribution

Our company is not only a manufacturer but also a distributor of several European manufacturers of adhesive compositions.

Our specialization:

  • Hotmelts
  • Protein gels
  • PUR adhesives
  • Dispersions

Areas of application:

Adhesives for paper sacks and sacks production
We offer hotmelts and dispersions for: bottom gluing, forming and sticking of sack handles, windows patching, paper sack layers bonding.

Adhesives for the for collecting printed products:

Our products cover the following application areas:

Book-binding: perfect bіnding, internal block forming, forming of hard cover

Stationary production: formation of  notebook covers, including the foam layer bonding, sticking of rubber and bookmarks of diaries, sizing of gobs, production of folder-recorders

Adhesives for  packaging erection
We offer wide range of adhesives for erection corrugated board  boxes, pallets and trays, cardboard packaging for food and non-food products including  deep frozen products, medicines, aseptic packaging.
Adhesives for the advertising materials production.
We help you find a good gluing solution for production of various advertising and POS materials: jumbo, promo packaging, advertising magnets, board games and puzzles.
Adhesives for production of hygiene products

You can find a range of products that cover this production process completely: lamination of towel tissue, tie bonding to a tube, rolls labeling.

Adhesives for paper layers bonding

We have a range of adhesives for production of multi-layer products

We have a range of adhesives for production of multi-layer products on paper or cardboard base: Cardboard+paper, cardboard+coated paper, laminated cardboard/paper+laminated cardboard/paper, cardboard/paper + foil, cardboard/paper+PE etc. To select a proper product, please make a request to our sales department