Our distribution

Our distribution

Our company is a distributor of several European manufacturers of adhesive compositions.

Areas of application of our products are:

Adhesives for paper bags and industrial sacks production
Hotmelts and dispersions for bottom gluing, forming and sticking of sack handles, windows patching, paper sack layers bonding.

Adhesives for the for collecting printed products:

Our products cover the following application areas:

Book-binding: perfect bіnding, internal block forming, forming of hardcover.

Stationary production: formation of  notebook covers, including the foam layer bonding, sticking of rubber and bookmarks of diaries, sizing of gobs, production of folder-recorders

Adhesives for  packaging erection
We offer a wide range of adhesives for erection corrugated board boxes, pallets, and trays, cardboard packaging for food and non-food products including deep-frozen products, medicines, aseptic packaging.
Adhesives for the advertising materials production.
We help you find a good gluing solution for the production of various advertising and POS materials: jumbo, promo packaging, advertising magnets, board games, and puzzles.
Adhesives for production of hygiene products

You can find a range of products that cover this production process completely: lamination of towel tissue, tie bonding to a tube, rolls labeling.

Adhesives for paper layers bonding

We have a range of adhesives for the production of multi-layer products

We have a range of adhesives for the production of multi-layer products on paper or cardboard base: Cardboard+paper, cardboard+coated paper, laminated cardboard/paper+laminated cardboard/paper, cardboard/paper + foil, cardboard/paper+PE etc.

Our  suppliers:

In the year 2020, Politara became the exclusive distributor of Zakład Chemiczny Paweł Paprocki Sp. J., a Polish manufacturer of industrial adhesives as well as raw materials for the paint and construction industries. We offer a number of excellent Сaviol and iTR adhesives, products for packaging and graphic industry, as well as adhesives of  Winakar TM  for woodworking, paint manufacturers, and textile businesses. Technical data sheets of these products show their basic characteristics. At the request of a customer, we can change viscosity,  dry solid, and other parameters of these glues.

Caviol 007 – technical data sheet

Caviol 033 – technical data sheet

iTR 50 – technical data sheet

We are also the official reseller of the Italian company Emmebi International, known for its wide product range and high-quality adhesives. We offer our customers Ivymelt hot melt adhesives, Emmevil water dispersions, and Ivybond gelatin gels, which have long had a good reputation in the Ukrainian market.
For questions on selecting glue and obtaining technical and other information on the product, please contact the sales department by phone 044 501 13 76

To select a proper product, please make a request to our sales department. Out phone number is +38044 501 13 76