Our products

Our products


Paper sacks

Where to find the manufacture of paper bags in Ukraine, the quality of which will be really top notch, but the price is reasonable? We offer our customers high-quality products at an affordable price at www.politara.kiev.ua.

Applying modern technologies, taking into account current norms and rules of ecology, sustainability and safety, our company has reached high levels of quality and occupies a leading position in its industry. The monthly production of paper bags and bags in our production is 14.5 million. That is why our activities are always competitive.


Kraft paper bags and packaging

Paper packaging is an environmentally friendly product that does not harm the environment even when it is recycled or recycled. This package allows the products to “breathe”.

Any trifle is an important element in creating and maintaining the company’s image. Kraft – packages are reliable and practical packages, and if you are interested in such packaging products, we recommend using our services. Production of paper bags is the one of priority direction of the company PCF “Politara”. We sell our products at competitve prices, with a guarantee of quality and durability.


Industrial adhesives

The production of industrial adhesives at the modernized facilities of PKF POLITARA LLC was started due to the urgent need to reduce the cost of these products on the Ukrainian market.

Our main task: to offer domestic industry products that are not inferior to the quality of imported counterparts, with a more stable and optimal price, with the necessary service and support.

We have a sufficiently powerful production base, capable of fulfilling the requests of any production. Produced adhesive compositions are made from imported and domestic components that have all permits and sanitary documents.

The company has implemented and maintains the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 and the food safety management system ISO 22000: 2005.