Paper sacks

Paper sacks

The markets served by PKF Politara have very different requirements. We are ready to meet them: every customer receives a package that exactly matches his needs.

With valve

A package with a neck (valve) for packaging bulk materials. After backfilling, the valve closes with internal pressure.
The bag is designed for safe storage and transportation of products.

Used for packing:

  • cement
  • dry construction mixtures
  • starch
  • kaolin
  • chalk
  • gypsum
  • fertilizer
  • soda
  • and etc.

Height: 310 to 1370 mm
Width: 300 to 650 mm
Bottom: 70 to 220 mm
Number of layers: from 1 to 4
Printing: up to 8 colors
Paper: bleached and brown, weight from 60 to 110 g / cm2.

• High speed filling
• Various valve options (standard, O-shaped, retractable, UT, with and without film)
• Easy Opening function (easy opening)
• Polyethylene insert
• Laminated coating that guarantees extra protection against moisture


This type of sack is designed for packaging bulk and piece products, followed by stitching or gluing the neck of the bag. High-quality materials and the proposed types of structures provide long-term storage of products.

Used for  packing:

  • seed
  • frozen berries and vegetables
  • flour
  • charcoal
  • pet food
  • pasta
  • croup
  • wallpaper
  • powdered milk and its substitutes
  • casein
  • egg powder
  • bitumen
  • and others

Height: from 520 to 1400 mm

Width: 300 to 650 mm

Bottom: 70 to 220 mm

Number of layers: from 1 to 4

Printing: up to 8 colors

Paper: bleached and brown, weight from 60 to 110 g / cm2


  • Used on an extensive list of equipment for fully automatic or manual filling.
  • Easy Opening function (easy opening)
  • Polyethylene insert
  • Laminated coating that guarantees extra protection against moisture

Kraft sacks for cement

When it comes a high-performance production process, every single sack counts. Filling lines in cement plants can fill more than 4,000 sacks per hour. So, the process stability plays a crucial role, since a small error can lead to a halt in production and productivity loss. Therefore, even when choosing a simple sack, it is important to focus on quality. Dealing with us, you can be confident at high quality standards followed up by reasonable prices.

Kraft sacks for building mixes, kaolin and minerals

Packing dry construction mixtures in kraft paper sacks is a long-standing and proven solution. Our packaging always meets the most demanding requirements and specific needs of our customers. We can produce sacks of various volumes, with moisture resistance and durability adapted to each type of  an end product. To facilitate sack filling process, perforation is often provided in the construction of a sack for air vent.

Kraft sacks for seeds

Plant seeds is a very demanding product. In order to preserve its germination and viability, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions of storage and transportation. One of the basic requirements is a properly selected container.

To avoid losses and to preserve such raw materials properly paper sacks for seeds will be the best option. Usually they consist of 2, 3 or 4 layers of durable kraft paper allowing to withstanda weight of up to 40 kg and easily carry transportation.

High quality paper does not hinder the passage of air, so that a certain level of moisture will be constantly maintained in the sacks, which will help keep up storage parameters of seed. The glue used for the production of paper sacks is environmentally friendly and will not harm the seeds.

Kraft sacks for food

Packaging for food products from kraft paper is chosen primarily because of environmental friendliness. Natural material does not contain synthetic compounds, toxic substances and other harmful compounds. Breathing structure, a big advantage, provides an optimal humidity and temperature regime that prevents mustiness emerging.

For food packaging, hygienic compromises are not possible, impermeability and moisture protection are important factors, so Kraft paper sacks are the traditional packaging for bulk foods, namely:

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Cereals
  • Egg powder
  • Milk powder
  • Pasta etc.

Our sacks are durable, easily filled, transported and meet all environmental  and health care standards. Under the needs of our Customers, we have the opportunity to make sacks of high quality kraft paper up to 4 layers, which allows us to increase strength, with a plastic layer or lamination inside to prevent moisture ingress.


Kraft sacks for frozen food (mushrooms, vegetables, berries, fish, etc.)

Packaging and storage of frozen foods is a real challenge. Such packaging must be airtight, protect a product from light, air and moisture, while maintaining the temperature of deep freezing. It also should not stick and freeze to the product, while maintaining strength and initial parameters at these temperatures.
Multilayer laminated paper sacks with a PE layer have gained great popularity in the frozen food industry, since kraft paper has good thermal insulation properties, and the PE layer provides tightness and moisture resistance for products. Such open sacks contain 3-4 layers of paper, they can have different bottom width and height depending on the requirements of the Customer.


Kraft sacks for feed, additives and other animal products.

Environmentally friendly kraft paper sacks are the best packaging for pet products, as they have the ability to pass air, which, in turn does, not allow the packaged product to mold and allows to increase its shelf life.

Kraft sacks for coal.

Charcoal is a very specific product that is hard to be sold unpacked. Paper sacks have become the best option for charcoal due to the characteristics of the craft paper itself: high wear resistance, breathability, mechanical strength, and no stretching. Charcoal paper packaging can be made in several layers, which provides a multiple increase in properties.