Kraft paper bags and packaging

Kraft paper bags and packaging

Kraft paper packaging is designed for packing materials (food, construction materials etc.), which can store their beneficial properties only in “breathable” natural packaging. Besides, it is safe in contact with food.

What we offer:

  •  single-layer and multi-layer bags
  • laminated bags

These made of kraft paper with a density of 60 – 120 g / m2 of white and brown color, which has such properties as strength, resistance to tearing and forcing through sharp corners of coal. Packaging is stitched or glued during packing process; additionally it may have a reinforced bottom. Printing up to 8 colors is .

Available bag sizes:

  • 80х50х220 mm
  • 100-110х60-70х270-290 mm
  • 120-130х80-85х310-330 mm
  • 150х90х360-375 mm
  • 190х110-120х385-395 mm

Maximum size of the package: 190х120х395  mm

Minimum package size: 80х50х220 mm

  • bags for flour
  • bags for starch
  • bags for cereals, pasta, crackers and flakes
  • bags for fast foods and restaurants
  • tea and coffee bags
  • seed bags
  • bags for ice cream, dumplings, frozen berries and vegetables
  • bags for dry construction mixtures

Bags with twisted or flat handles made of brown or white paper are universal products that can be used in any company as an image element and also additional advertising. Bags can be made with the following post-effects: lamination, UV varnish (selective), embossed with gold (silver), with printing up to 8 colors.

  • image bags for companies
  • bags for retail chains
  • bags for fast foods and restaurants
  • bags for piece goods