Industrial adhesives

Industrial adhesives

Our company is  one of the leading  domestic manufacturers of water-based adhesives  based on natural and synthetic polymers. We develop our own  line of industrial adhesives  by TM Akvakol. Our adhesives have taken its place in the market due to the impressive combination of reasonable cost, verified formulations and consistent quality. In case our glues are not an ideal option, our chemists can offer  to develop a unique adhesive composition that meets the specifics of the customer’s production process. For us composition development is not only a  process of search of an excellent combination of components, but also a comprehensive technical and consulting support during the stage of its implementation on a customer’s line. We always  do our best to meet all customer’s demands and find an ideal solution.

The company pays great attention to logistics issues. Depending on the season, the conditions of shipment and transportation of adhesive compositions may vary. When organizing the delivery of glue, we cooperate with transport companies that use specialized vehicles keeping up specified temperature regime during transportation. Akvakol adhesives are available in IBC containers, drums and pails. Shipment and supply of adhesives in reusable packaging saves resources and prevents environment contamintion.
Specialized warehouse of finished products of our company provides the necessary storage conditions to guarantee the stability performance of our products.

A balanced range of adhesive compositions in combination with huge productive potential and a professional approach to the processes of selection and product development allow us to serve as a reliable supplier both  for big customers as well as  small businesses representing various businesses and industries.

Production of  cardboard tubes and pallet edge protectors

This industry is marked with a significant consumption of glue, which is an important raw material component, and high demands on the quality of the finished product.
The series of adhesives Akvakol 100 for the production of tubes and edge protectors, thanks to its stable quality, has enabled the company to become the major adhesives supplier for leading manufacturers of these products.

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Akvakol 100 TDS            Akvakol 100.1_TDS           Akvakol 100.2 TDS

Assembly of corrugated and  plane cardboard packaging

If you are looking for glue for folding-gluing, laminating, erecting cardboard and paper packaging, we will help you with this by offering the best choice from a number of adhesives that have already been successfully implemented in a number of paper mills and large packaging manufacturers.
Our own line is successfully complemented by melts and dispersions from the best European manufacturers distributed by our company.

Akvakol 100.2 TDS                 Akvakol 100.3_TDS

Production of paper bags and bags

Our own experience in the production of kraft paper packaging has enabled us to develop effective adhesives for these products, in particular, Aquacol MK-1 for paper bags bottom sealing and Aquacol P 2.2 for bags’ side seams gluing.

Our own line products can be complemented by hot melt adhesives for the production and gluing of bag handles, as well as dispersions for bottom sealing and windows patching distributed by our company.


The glue for book spine gluing developed by our specialists is actively used in the production of books by many book factories and printing houses.

We also offer hotmelts, gelatin gels and dispersions for bookbinding and cover production distributed by our company

Akvakol 101 TDS

Products in distribution

Production of paper sacks and sacks

Own many years of experience in the production of kraft paper packaging has enabled us to develop effective adhesives for these products, in particular, Aquacol MK-1 for gluing the bottom of paper sacks and sacks and Aquacol P 2.2 for side seams.
Our own line is successfully complemented by hot melt adhesives for the production and gluing of package handles, as well as dispersions for sizing the bottom and pasting windows into a package distributed by our Akvakol MK1_TDS   Akvakol_P2.1 TDS


The company has developed adhesives for gluing labels on glass and metal containers showing excellent performance  both in the high-speed  and regular  labeling lines, so it can be applied at the largest beverage producers as well  small  kraft breweries.

Hotmelts for labeling plastic bottles and trays erection distributed by our company form a good option for our customers to buy all they need at one supplier.

Akvakol К 1_TDS   Akvakol MK 1.1 TD