Technologies and materials

Technologies and materials

Our production is based on a long-term expertise that brought us to a very clear understanding of customers’ wants and needs.

Three automatic Windmoller & Holscher sack production lines installed in the paper kraft production workshops allow us to produce up to 8 million units per month. Our output is kraft paper sacks from 1 to 5 layers, open and with a valve, a plastic insert, laminated layers, various types of valves (standard, external, O-shaped, with a polypropylene insert) and perforation.
Our  Garant paper bags production line can produce up to 4 million bags per month.
Undoubtedly, quality and exterior appearance of packaging is one of the factors that can become an incentive to buy or, conversely, repel a consumer. That is why our design bureau is ready to develop and adapt the design for our customers taking into account all the features of flexographic printing technology. The capabilities of our 8-color printing equipment by Windmoller & Holscher provide an ideal images graphics and gradation.
Chemical workshop is a separate production site with autonomous sources of water and heat supply, equipped with chemical reactors and weighing equipment. The laboratory of the workshop is equipped with modern equipment for new formulations development as well as for quality control of ready products. The laboratory is also the place where all the arbitration samples are saved.

Stability of production process and quality of adhesive compositions are ensured by input control of raw materials supplied by leading global manufacturers. For key raw materials, enhanced stock levels are maintained to ensure the fulfillment of both planned and emergency orders.

The products are manufactured in accordance with standards issued by empowered governmental bodies for WB adhesives. The quality control of finished products is carried out in accordance with all the requirements of internal and external regulations.

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